Tsunami Quarterly Review – Summer 2014


Our summer 2014 issue of TQR is now available at DriveThruRPG!  It’s only $1.95, and it’s a great way to show your support for the Prismatic Tsunami community and Metagamers Anonymous.  Share the link with your gamer friends!

The magazine expands on the Tsunami’s mission statement by offering gaming advice from community contributors and focusing on popular features from the podcast, particularly the Tsunami City Project.

In the seventh issue of Tsunami Quarterly Review, you will find the following great features:

  • RPG Crucible: Be Part of That World: Tips for adding roleplaying depth by engaging details of your character’s setting while designing a backstory.
  • Tools, Companions, and Gods – Using Computers in your SciFi Game: Writer/designer Phil Vecchione explores the use of computer technology in science-fiction game settings and how it affects your PCs.
  • Tsunami City Project: A new round of fantastic city locations discussed on Metagamers Anonymous and the Tsunami forums, plus extras to help add flavor to your urban fantasy gaming!
  • Playing Nice in Space: Staff writer George Sedgwick casts a light on ways you can help a GM faced with the near-infinite possibilities of a SciFi campaign and make it better for everyone involved.
  • My Character Would Never Do That!: JiB from Happy Jacks closes this season’s issue with a closer look at social combat between PCs, why current systems just can’t address it, and what you can do to make it work.

Help support the Prismatic Tsunami community and the Metagamers Anonymous RPG podcast!

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