Tsunami Quarterly Review – Winter 2015


TQR9coverOur winter 2015 issue of TQR is now available at DriveThruRPG!  It’s a great way to show your support for the Prismatic Tsunami community and Metagamers Anonymous.  Share the link with your gamer friends!

The magazine expands on the Tsunami’s mission statement by offering gaming advice from community contributors and focusing on popular features from the podcast, particularly the Tsunami City Project.

In our beautifully reformatted and reimagined ninth issue of Tsunami Quarterly Review, you will find the following great features:

  • RPG Crucible: Outside the Box: Explore a creative approach to matching disparate backgrounds with your new character’s current career path.
  • Coloring Between the Lines: The Radiating Gnome extracts the most graceful elements of 4E skill challenges and demonstrates how they can enhance game play in other systems.
  • Bringing New Life Into Your Game World: Tips and tricks for creating a living, breathing setting that your players can see evolving around them.
  • Tsunami Living Campaign: We launch our living campaign with information on the primary maguffin and the numerous factions which are hell-bent on possessing it. Join the quest for the Shards of Malvoc and become part of campaign history!
  • Patchouli and Sandalwood: JiB discusses some basic mechanics from some of the most prominent rules-light systems and how they can be used in traditional games.
  • The Mortlock, Pt 2: Jonikka Frazier continues the grim story of Sharia Mortlock in the time before the events of the Obsidian Crown Actual Play adventure.

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