Tsunami Quarterly Review – Winter 2014


Our winter 2014 issue of TQR is now available at DriveThruRPG!  It’s only $1.95, and it’s a great way to show your support for the Prismatic Tsunami community and Metagamers Anonymous.  Share the link with your gamer friends!

The magazine expands on the Tsunami’s mission statement by offering gaming advice from community contributors and focusing on popular features from the podcast, particularly the Tsunami City Project.

In the fifrth issue of Tsunami Quarterly Review, you will find the following great features:

  • RPG Crucible: Eye on the Prize: Tips for adding roleplaying flavor by exploring your character’s personal ambitions, no matter how unrealistic.
  • Freshening Up Your Game: George from RPG Circus suggests six ways to freshen up a stale gaming experience.
  • Tsunami City Project: A new round of fantastic city locations discussed on Metagamers Anonymous and the Tsunami forums, plus extras to help add flavor to your urban fantasy gaming!
  • The New Game: Chris from the Misdirected Mark takes a run at pitching a new game to your group.
  • Heating Up Leftovers: JiB from Happy Jacks talks about reviving a failed, stalled, or paused campaign.

Help support the Prismatic Tsunami community and the popular Metagamers Anonymous RPG podcast!

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