Fiasco Playset: After Z-Day!

Moriston After Zday Fiasco Cover_Page_01For your enjoyment, I hereby bequeath you a copy of the Fiasco playset used during our recent Actual Play recording. The playset is adapted from a playset by Bryant Durrell entitled Zombie Apocalypse, with elements tailored to Mortiston and often referring back to events in our Actual Play series, Project Z. If you’re looking for a more generic version, I definitely recommend Durrell’s excellent playset… but if you want to experience a little bit of the world you’ve been hearing about in our online campaign, have at it!

Download:  After Z-Day: The Zombie Apocalypse in Mortiston USA!

Tsunami Quarterly Review – Spring 2013


Our second issue of TQR is now available at DriveThruRPG!  It’s only $1.95, and it’s a great way to show your support for the Prismatic Tsunami community and Metagamers Anonymous.  Share the link with your gamer friends!

The magazine expands on the Tsunami’s mission statement by offering gaming advice from community contributors and focusing on popular features from the podcast, particularly the Tsunami City Project.

In the second issue of Tsunami Quarterly Review, you will find the following great features:

  • RPG Crucible: Friendships On The Fly: How to use the “yes, and…” philosophy to build PC backgrounds and relationships during the game.
  • Be An Interesting Player: Phil Vecchione offers tips to enrich your gaming experience by being more interesting at the gaming table.
  • Tsunami City Project: Thirteen fantastic city locations discussed on Metagamers Anonymous and the Tsunami forums, plus extras to help add flavor to your urban fantasy gaming!
  • Building A Sandbox: How To Create Open Ended Adventures For RPGs: Advice on the use of both story and sandbox gaming elements to offer better hooks and a more exciting gaming experience.
  • Arrows To The Groin: Hit Location, Better Combat, And You: A critical look at freshening up your combat scenarios.

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